Reproductive Health

Reproductive Health (IF: 2.035) publishes content on all aspects of human reproduction. The journal includes sections dedicated to adolescent health, female fertility and midwifery and all articles are open access. Reproductive Health has a particular interest on the impact changes in reproductive health have globally, and therefore encourages submissions from researchers based in low- and middle-income countries.

Reproductive Health: most recent

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Journal of Reproductive Immunology

The aim of the Journal of Reproductive Immunology is to provide the critical forum for the dissemination of results from high quality research in all aspects of experimental, animal and clinical reproductive immunobiology.

This encompasses normal and pathological processes of: Male and Female Reproductive Tracts, Gametogenesis and Embryogenesis, Implantation and Placental Development, Gestation and Parturition, Mammary Gland and Lactation.

Journal of Reproductive Immunology: current issue and articles in press

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Seminars in Reproductive Medicine

Seminars in Reproductive Medicine (IF 2.113) is a bi-monthly topic driven review journal that provides in-depth coverage of important advances in the understanding of normal and disordered human reproductive function, as well as new diagnostic and interventional techniques.

Seminars in Reproductive Medicine offers an informed perspective on issues like male and female infertility, reproductive physiology, pharmacological hormonal manipulation, and state-of-the-art assisted reproductive technologies.

Seminars in Reproductive Medicine: current issue

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